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We are an intergenerational family of God, celebrating, seeking, and sharing abundant life in Jesus.

During the week, our members and friends can be found scattered throughout the Denver metro area. Each Sunday morning, we gather together in our building on the corner of Emerson and Colorado in Denver's Platt Park neighborhood. We come from all walks of life--we are young and old and middle aged, teachers and business people and unemployed, married and single and divorced, full of faith and full of doubts and sometimes full of both. Whether we are together or apart, in our church building or in our homes, schools, neighborhoods or workplaces, our prayer is that we would be people who celebrate, seek, and share the abundant life that Jesus came to bring. We would love to have you join our family as we seek to live this life together!

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Celebrating & Sharing

  • Roland's Story: Blessed Through Serving

    Sometimes we forget that there are Christians in prison. While those on the outside may not be aware of how God is moving within prison…

  • Henry & Miriam's Story

    Sometimes you don’t realize the effect that you have in people’s lives. It can be easy to forget, in the midst of something,…

Upcoming Events

This summer, from August 3-7, the churches from the Platt Park neighborhood are coming together to host a local camp - Eagle Lake on location. It will be a time to grow in faith and have lots of fun. Kids ages 6-12 are invited to come. This week we challenge the congregation to collect money to give scholarships to those who would like to come, but could use help to cover the funds. On March 22, we will hold an offering. Save your change and participate!

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Prayer is the most important part of the thankfulness God requires of us. It is our duty and delight to care for each other through prayer.

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First Christian Reformed Church likes to share the many glimpses of God's love as we celebrate, seek and share abundant life in Jesus.

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