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We are a family of God, living our faith and growing by: Joyfully surrendering to Jesus, freely sharing our lives and humbly embracing the hurting.

During the week, our members and friends can be found scattered throughout the Denver metro area. Every Sunday morning we gather together at 9:30am, in our building on the corner of Emerson and Colorado in Denver's Platt Park neighborhood. We come from all walks of life--we are young and old and middle aged: educators, chaplains, hard hats, business people and unemployed, married and single and divorced, full of faith and full of doubts and sometimes full of both. Whether we are together or apart, in our church building (built in 1908) or in our homes, schools, neighborhoods or workplaces, our prayer is that we be a family of God, living our faith and growing by joyfully surrendering to Jesus, freely sharing our lives and humbly embracing the hurting. We would love to have you join our family as we seek to live this life together!

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Triune God:

You are a beautiful mystery. You are three yet one, perfectly united even in your diversity. Make your people one as you are one. When politics, preferences, and opinions threaten to divide us, help us share the mind of Christ. Fill us with humility and grace. Teach us to listen to those whose perspectives differ from our own. Grant us patience with those who fail or frustrate us. Strengthen the bonds you have forged between us in baptism so that, together, we may declare the goodness of Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever, Amen.  


Pastor Joel Schreurs

First Christian Reformed Church Building Usage during Covid-19 Policy


Purpose: This policy exists to balance the protection of the First CRC community from the Covid-19 threat with the ongoing mission to share the Gospel and make disciples. The policy will be regularly updated to reflect changing CDC guidelines, state and local orders, and the discernment of First CRC leadership. The Executive Committee shall approve of any revisions of this policy.


1. Anyone that would like to access First CRC buildings during this time, must receive permission to do so from Rebecca Schaefer,

2. Anyone who has been sick or tested positive for Covid-19 must stay away from church premises for a period of at least 14 days since their last symptom. Anyone organizing a group on church premises should remind group members of this prior to each meeting.

3. At this time, most groups that want to meet in a church building will be limited to the Pit Stop, preferably with the garage door open to the yard.

4. Groups that do meet will have to be limited to 10 or less, maintain at least 6 feet of separation, and everyone should wear a mask.

5. A roster of everyone in the group that met in a church facility should be sent to Rebecca within 24 hours of the meeting’s conclusion for contact tracing should anyone become sick or test positive for Covid-19.

6. Anyone participating in a meeting in First CRC buildings should alert Rebecca if they become sick or test positive for Covid-19.

7. Immediately after the meeting, the group or its designee should clean all hard surfaces with sanitizing wipes. 

Volunteers in Action is a Christian non-profit service organization serving the local community by equipping and enabling Christian volunteers and churches to be Christ's transforming presence in the lives of people in the greater Denver area. VIA connects and mobilizes followers of Jesus to be in a supportive helping relationship with people who are elderly, have a disability or are struggling with poverty.

VIA has become aware that the Christian Living Campuses are in need of PPE gowns.  A VIA volunteer is working with Centura Health to make low cost gowns with the help of volunteers like you!  Click on the link for more details.  Pass this information on to anyone who may be interested!  

 Contact your Grow Group deacon, Donn Hansum or Sheri DeHaan at the VIA office 303-713-9144 for information on ways you might still serve one another and stay safe.

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