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Senior Moments 2020 Vision

Senior Moments outlook for 2020

We shared great adventures in 2019, and I am looking forward to getting everything planned for 2020. Our members suggested many of the trips we went on. Some trips were recommended by individuals who either heard about, or participated in, an event and let us know it would be a great fit for us. I sincerely hope to get those same kinds of suggestions coming in this spring as well. In October, we were entertained by The Legendary Ladies who gave us a look into the lives of some less known Colorado women. These ladies were very entertaining, and kept us laughing for an hour. In November, we ventured out to the Balistreri Vineyards. This tour was very informative and the lunch that followed was very good. In December, we had our annual Christmas exchange, which did not let us down with the laughter and banter. This was followed by a lunch that was prepared and served with an Italian flair. Again the food was delicious!

Upcoming for this year, we are planning on visiting the new Cherry Creek Innovative Campus. This campus just opened last year to offer a stand-alone college and career preparedness facility. They offer training in manufacturing, business, health and wellness, hospitality and tourism, STEM and transportation. This is not a substitute for education, but a program where students attend part time, while continuing to take classes.

Senior Planet is another suggestion that I received. This is a new community of people trying to harness technology for the way we age. Their goal is to bridge the gap between what we know, and what we wish we knew. Senior Planet helps us come together to find ways for us to learn, work, create and thrive in today's digital age.

I am also looking into having a speaker equip us with strategies to avoid becoming targets for con artists. This is a topic that is brought up often in the news as well as in private conversations.

I will end this with asking anyone with ideas for what they think would be interesting to the group to please let me know. Many thanks for the above suggestions!

Sharon Engel

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