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Holy Yoga: a Leader & Participant's perspective

I love learning about the body that God created, it's so amazing. This is the first Holy Yoga+ Bible Study that I have led. I truly learned to surrender when I went to the Holy Yoga immersion after several months of long-distance training. I wept on my mat, and laid it down for Jesus. I knew I was where I was supposed to be. I spent a few extra years of continued education with a therapy certification, a masters certification, a kids training and yogalates! God is so good and this just provides another way for me to keep Him in front of me, leading, when often I forget and think I'm in charge. I am taking time to meditate on His word and this study deeper than I would do on my own. The Soul Keeping study has really made me question more, want more and be more as I continually learn. I look forward to seeing the ladies in the class. The fellowship and conversations grow me. I appreciate that First Reformed Christian Church provides a place for us to experience God to dive in between the deepest places of our souls. Thank you! Kimberly - Leader

I have really enjoyed relaxing and stretching my body and mind through the scriptures during Yoga. Kimberly leads us through different positions and brings scripture throughout to remind us of how God fills us with so much love, grace, and blessings. After yoga we have been studying "Soul Keeping - Caring for the Most Important Part of You" by John Ortberg. God always seems to put things in your life when you need it and right now this study has encouraged me to slow down and think about where I am in life, what are my priorities and what are God's priorities? How am I making God's priorities my priorities? How am I filling my soul? This book and our discussions always give me a lot of good things to think and pray about and I always look forward to our great bi-weekly times together! Julie L. - Participant

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